Coach Options

Single Decker

Double Decker

High-quality stereosystem,

TV, Video, DVD, Playstation 2

Seats in front area

Passenger deck from

 front to back

Full A/C

8 to 12 bunks

8-12 bunks


Lounge in the back

Seats in the front,

lounge in the back

Large loading bay

Immense loading capacity

- trailer hardly needed

Lounge, common area

Kitchen /w microwave, water heater, coffeemachine, up to 3 fridges

Toilet, independent heating, tinted windows

Luxury coaches, buget sleepers - whatever you request: We'll be there. On the other hand we'll make no compromises on maintaining the busses and servicing them. Trailers, Crew-Vans, full-seat VIP-Buses on special request - just drop a mail or inquiry.


Double Decker

Single Decker

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